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Your help CAN and DOES make a difference to the lives of others

Your gifts are making our clients smile appreciated by us making people happy valued by everyone helping us help others allowing us to do more

Make A Donation

We are a small independent charity and whilst we receive funding from East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership, this only covers the day to day running of the Centre, such as staff wages.

Everything else we do in relation to our clients has to be paid for from our charitable funds, such as day trips, arts & craft materials, entertainment, flowers and treats. We could not do any of this without the donations we receive from generous members of the public, whose support over the years has allowed us to make such a difference to the lives of our clients.

If you are able to help, however much, all proceeds will go to continue to fund client activities and make such a difference to the work we are able to do with them. If you think you would be able to help then please click on the Invest My Community link below or the one at the bottom of the page and please Gift Aid it if you can, many thanks.

You can also donate to our cause and have a chance of winning up to £25,000 by joining the East Lothian Lottery via the links below and at the foot of the page. Tickets are £1 each and draws take place every Saturday night. If you select us as your good cause then 50 % of every ticket goes directly to us and another 10% is divided between other local good causes. You do not have to be an East Lothian resident to register so don’t delay and play today. 

 Every little bit helps, thank you.

Other Types Of Donations

Gifts and Goods

At Harlawhill we believe in having fun and every day is an adventure. We play a lot  (and I mean a lot) of games such as bingo, play your cards right, horse racing, dominoes, quizzes, noughts and crosses, carpet bowls, arts and crafts and any other number of activities.

After our games we like to award small prizes to the winners such as a packet of sweets, chocolate, a little bottle of perfume, a small purse, hankerchiefs and toiletries etc. As you can imagine we go through quite a few prizes in a day. If you have any small unwanted items such as these, possibly even unwanted gifts you have received then we would happily repurpose them for you. 

If you live locally then please get in touch to drop off any items you may have that we could use as prizes for our daily activities.

If you are a business and would like make a donation of goods or services that we could use as either prizes or raffles for our fundraising then please get in touch with a member of staff.

Often it’s the small things in life that make such a difference and keep life exiting.


Become A Volunteer

We have a small but dedicated number of volunteers who graciously donate their time to Harlawhill, all of our Trustees are also volunteers.

They come from all walks of life and it is in their diversity that we gain as everyone has a different experience or skill that they can offer to our clients.

Volunteers are an essential part of our service as they allow staff to concentrate on the technical aspects of their roles. Just sitting with someone, offering a hand to hold, getting up for a dance or being a reassuring presence when someone is moving about the Centre can make such a difference.

They say the most precious gift you can give is your time, as you can never get it back.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer then please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Gillian Baggs to discuss it.

Each volunteer is subject to the current Disclosure process and vetted prior to starting at the Centre.